Simple Tips for Choosing a SecondHand Motorbike

Motorbikes become one of the choice of transportation, especially for people who live far from public transportation access. Some of them choose to buy used motorbikes because they are cheaper and more affordable. To buy a good used motorbikes, you can visit Wheels Honda located in Peterborough, or you can visit the official website

Buying a used motorbikes needs special attention.

Then, how to choose a used motorbikes that is safe?

1. Service History

Sometimes, prospective buyers feel it is enough to see the conditions outside the motorbikes. The inside, such as machines, is also important. Therefore you must check in detail both inside and outside.

2. See Kilometer Numbers

The lowest kilometer is the best-used motorbikes. The lower the kilometer traveled, the higher the price.

3. Engine Oil

When choosing a used motor, you should check the oil filling. Many dealers put too much engine oil to make the engine sounds more smooth.

Check around the engine whether there is oil seepage or not. If there is oil seepage, the motor is not worth buying.

You should check oil using indicator strips or sticks. If there is a white foam check, it means that the motor has been submerged in water due to flooding.

4. Electrical System

After checking the oil, do not forget to check the electricity. First of all, turn on the motor through a hand starter. Then, you can turn on every feature located on the front of the motor, such as light and horn.

It is also recommended to check the condition of the battery. If white powder is found at the battery poles, the battery is already weak and needs to be replaced with a new unit.

5. Original Spare Parts

Used motorbikes usually have fake spare parts. Make sure you check it and immediately buy the original one.

6. Test Ride

After everything has been checked and there are no problems, try the motorbike around. Make sure the motorbike is safe and comfortable to drive.