Mastercard Or Visa?

In the world of electronic payments and credit, there are two companies that immediately spring to mind. These are Visa and Mastercard.

Both companies are very similar. They both offer almost identical products and they both have a very similar business model.

Both Visa and Mastercard are payment processing networks.

Neither offer credit cards directly to the public.However, both of them work with partners who offer credit cards and payment processing.

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Credit Card Opportunities

So, as we learned, neither Visa or Mastercard offer credit cards to the general public. But these services are offered by the companies who do partner with them.

Used responsibly, credit cards can offer some benefits through their use. Many people have multiple cards in order to make the most of the discounts and bonus points that they can gain through using the card for their daily shopping or large purchases.

Whilst this may not be a traditional form of financial savings management, ensuring that your money is working hard for you in every aspect of your life is an essential wealth management tool.

Why not take every advantage that there is to lessen the load elsewhere on your finances.

To not do so could well be considered an unnecessary expense.

Terms And Conditions

So, as we have learned, Visa and Mastercard have very similar structures and business models. Neither of these companies issue cards directly to customers. What they both do is offer payment processing gateways that enable the use of credit cards.

The credit cards themselves are issued by banks and other financial institutions.

It is with these institutions that, when you use your Visa or Mastercard you are undergoing a financial transaction with your bank or card issuer, and not with Visa or Mastercard.

What Do Visa And Mastercard Do?

Both companies offer payment processing. They are the gateway, the infrastructure that allows the processing of electronic payments.

Both companies do offer other services though, such as identity protection and fraud detection.

Both companies have interests in a variety of other financial products, such as insurance.

The whole industry is a complex one, and understanding exactly what Visa and Mastercard do can involve the grasping of some fundamental financial concepts.


Whilst the terms and conditions of your credit card are usually laid out by the issuer of the card, and not by Visa and Mastercard, there are ways in which both companies bring in revenue.

Their services are not offered for free, and the infrastructure that is used for international electronic payments is paid for by a fee structure.

This is where the companies do differ slightly. Their fee structures vary to accommodate their business models.

So, when a card payment is made, there is always an associated fee that goes towards funding the electronic infrastructure that enables the payment.