Important Check List for Office Transfers

Office transfer is a fairly large project – there is nothing simple about relocating a team of employees along with office equipment, not to mention if you have to move high-value items such as safes, server movers, electronics, or even machines.

The key to facilitates the process of moving offices is being organized and careful planning. Rhenus Lupprians as the Best Office Moving Services provider in the UK has provided excellent and trusted services to many companies and agencies. Including handling large, medium and small office relocation projects.

In this article, we will provide tips and a list that you should check before starting your office transfer.

Get a price list from the Moving Services Company

You might want to compare prices from several logistics companies that provide office moving services. Aside from comparing prices, also pay attention to whether the logistics company meets the following criteria:

  • Experienced in moving offices from small to large scale
  • Have a team of experts who specialize in moving valuable items (including documents, servers, safes, etc.)
  • Providing comprehensive services ranging from furniture assembly services to office demolish/office reinstatement services
  • Has a transparent inventory system of office inventory/assets to facilitate identification of assets at the time of transfer.
  • Has collateral for damage during delivery

Not only it has competitive prices, Rhenus Lupprians provides the best service for moving office by providing comprehensive services. You only need to focus on your business without bothering with office relocation problems.

Determine whether you need a Moving Insurance

If you have valuable goods/assets at the time of moving, make sure that you have insurance to protect you from the risk of damage (especially for important equipment/machinery).

Determine a Budget for Moving Costs

By setting a budget upfront, you will avoid spending too much money – especially for processes you can do it yourself (like packing, instead of hiring professional packing services). Of course, each service providers have their advantages and disadvantages of each. You need to spend quite a lot of time, especially if your office has a bunch of goods/inventory that needs to relocate.

Create a special team for moving

It will be easier if you appoint several people as representatives of each department to join the special team. They should focus on planning office transfer. It is much more effective rather than involving all employees in the planning process. This team will regularly discuss the progress of the transfer process, decide which vendors to use, and ensure that everything goes on schedule.