Get to know Backsplash, Functional Features in Kitchen

Kitchen has become the main feature of a house. The kitchen needs to be maintained well. One kitchen element that often gets attention is a backsplash.

What is Backsplash?

The function of backsplash is to protect walls from dirt, generally in the form of liquid. When cooking, backsplash protects the walls from the splash of oil, gravy, and others. When washing dishes, this feature keeps the walls from getting wet and moist.

In addition to these practical functions, the backsplash also gives aesthetic value. It can make the kitchen look beautiful and attractive. With the right material choices, the backsplash can be the right addition for your kitchen. Because of this reason, when planning a kitchen, the backsplash section needs to be carefully considered. You can choose the best material with a variety of choices at Amber Tiles. They are one of the oldest shops that have been established since 1973. For complete information about Amber Tiles, you can visit

Here are some tips for choosing the best backsplash for kitchen:


Generally, backsplash uses ceramic material. Ceramics have a variety of colors and textures. Ceramic is also affordable. You only need to choose the type of ceramic that matches the overall style of your kitchen.


There is also a metal backsplash material. There are various options to choose from. Metal material around us are stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass metal. Metal have good water resistance character.


Glass can also be used as a backsplash material. For those of you who like a minimalist kitchen, glass material can be an option. It can makes the kitchen more charming. You can choose frosted glass, tinted glass, clear glass, or even mirror glass. However, always make sure to use the type of tempered glass that is not fragile and does not easily break.


You can use wood material as a backsplash. Wood can give a warm and natural impression. Make sure you use waterproof quality wood such as teak, Merbau, ironwood, or the like. In order to make the color of the fiber and texture more attractive, you can coat it with a clear coating product.


For more natural and elegant backsplash material choices, marble can be a good choice. Besides elegant, marble also gives a classy impression on your kitchen. For this reason, this material has a fairly high price.

There are still many other backsplash materials that have not been discussed. However, please note, creativity in choosing material needs much consideration so that backsplash can function properly.