Best Culinary in Various Countries

Culinary travel enthusiasts, prepare your passport! Are you ready to hunt for delicious food? According to several surveys, several countries are popular with their delicacy. What country is that?


Thai cuisine is famous in the world. With a taste of rich spices, food in Thailand has its characteristics that are always sought after. Starting from fresh salads, soups, seafood dishes, and many more. The culinary in Thailand is processed using the freshest ingredients with excellent techniques to produce a dish with the best taste.

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Still, in Asia, Japan is not only famous as the country with the best dishes but also famous for healthy and fresh culinary. In every Japanese cuisine, the use of oil is indeed infrequent. No wonder that most Japanese people have an ideal body.

In Japan, you can also easily find a variety of choices such as tempura, sushi, teriyaki, miso soup to Kobe Beef.


Hearing the name of France, you might immediately remember the Eiffel Tower. However, France is also known for having the best and best culinary in the world. Food in this country is already widespread.

Because it is delicious, in various parts of the world, many special schools open cooking classes for French food. French is the country that introduces fried potato snacks. France serves many culinary mainstays, including Bisquets and Terrine. In contrast, the ingredients that are commonly found in every French culinary are a cheese.

United States of America

Most of the cuisine served in America is indeed a combination brought by foreigners. However, chefs in America have amazing abilities. The culinary brought by the newcomer is processed in a typical American style. That way, they can present the most delicious taste in the world.

American culinary characteristics are very similar to British cuisine. American and British both love grilled meat and seafood. British and American people also prefer foods that can be processed quickly. Therefore, so many fast-food restaurants are found in America.

The UK

UK’s food is not good since world War II. The UK has limited ingredients that can be cooked at the time. However, now the UK has experienced very rapid development in culinary. That way, you can find a variety of foods with the best taste in the world when flying to this country.

British society is also known for liking things that are both simple and practical. That reason causes them to tend to choose culinary that can be served quickly. Pie, grilled meat, potatoes, fish, and pork are the main culinary choices in the UK.