4 Instagramable Vacation Photos

The beach is often the choice of vacation spot for many people. At the beach, you can do many things, like sunbathing, swimming, watching the sunrise or sunset, or just sitting around while sipping coffee. There are many exotic beaches that you can visit, for example, exotic beaches in Phuket. If you are interested, you can rent a Private Boat Hire Phuket at Yacht Sourcing. This boat rental agent will be happy to guide your exploration to exotic islands in Phuket, such as Phang Na Bay, Phi Phi Island, James Bond Island, and others.

During vacation, capturing it through photos is necessary. There are lots of interesting ideas for Instagram beach vacation photos.

Sitting on the Beach

This is the most straightforward photo style you can do. During a vacation in Phuket, you can do this pose on any beach since all the beaches in Phuket are famous for its beauty.

You can practice the style of sitting on the sand by looking at the open sea (similar to taking candid photos). The breeze that brushes your hair will make your photo look alive.

Pose Soaking Feet in Water

This photo is simple and is quite often done. Don’t let your cloth wet if you want to have this photo. The focus of this photo is your style standing on the beach against a stunning beach view. It would be better if the photo shoot is done candidly.

Floating Style Looks from the Top

This floating photo taken with a drone from above is famous now. With the right shots, your photos will look cool. If you have the opportunity to visit Phi Phi Island, this photo style is worth trying. The color of the blue Phi Phi Island sea and the coral reef beneath will add an aesthetic impression on the photo.

Silhouette photos at sunset

Sunset is the right choice for producing Instagramable photos. Promthep Cape is the best spot in Phuket to capture the sunset.