Tips on Choosing Ceramics for Any Room in the House

Along with the style development, the demand for ceramic motifs and forms becomes very diverse. Therefore, many residents rely on beautiful ceramics as an aesthetic form that can support the decorative value of a dwelling. However, to maximize the aesthetic value, you must know what ceramic motifs suitable in each room in your home.

For the selection of floor tile motifs, you can adjust the theme to your room. For example, you have a house with a modern minimalist style, you can choose a marble stone motif and add a variety of colors. Its shiny texture gives a more elegant impression. If you have a house with a classic style, you can choose batik or natural stone motifs.

Here are some tips on choosing ceramics for various rooms in the house.

1. Living room

Typically, most living rooms use ceramics with a shiny finish to avoid getting dirty easily, one example is limestone floor tiles. This ceramic texture is different from other ceramic. If you get stains or dirt, you only need to clean it with a cloth or a wet cloth.

2. Children’s Room

Children are identical with all cute and adorable things. In selecting the children’s floor tiles, plain motifs can be chosen with a colorful touch. If you want to show a more aesthetic side, you can arrange the motifs on the wall tiles. For children’s rooms, you can apply flora motifs if your child is a girl, or fauna motifs, or vehicle motifs such as planes, cars, and others. You can also arrange the color, like blue, pink, yellow, and others. You can combine colors all you want, and you can ask your kids’ wishes.

3. Kitchen

For the kitchen, you can choose a mosaic motif or natural stone on the ceramic floor. For a better display, you can apply wall tiles with mosaic motifs as well. Keep in mind not to apply it in the entire kitchen wall. Choose one side of the wall only.

4. Garage

In selecting the floor tiles in the garage, you can choose ceramics with natural stone motifs, it looks more natural. Do not choose a glossy textured ceramic, this will create too many scratches. As you know, there are a lot of activities that cause a lot of scratches in the garage. Choose tiles that are doff-textured (coarse). This way, you don’t have to worry about a lot of activities causing scratches.