The Health Consequences Of Overworking

If you feel like work is consuming much of your life, you are one of the thousands who believe that. Working overtime stems beyond the outrageous amount of time you put in the work. It also includes factors that lead to burnout. These factors include the length of your commute, outside responsibilities, job satisfaction, feelings of appreciation, work environment, et cetera.

Therefore, rather than count the hours put in your work, you should watch out for the moment you don’t seem to enjoy your time off work. Some signs that your body is responding to your work schedule are;

1.  You Begin to Depend On Alcohol

If you are working more than 40 hours a week, there is the danger of you turning to alcohol to relieve stress. While it does so, it also increases your risk for life-threatening conditions. Some other persons depend on drugs for relief. This might work for a while, but you run the risk of addiction. Please read the reviews of pharmacies before you purchase from them. You may check out Chemist 4 U reviews here.

2.  Your Productivity is On a Downward Curve

Too much work and not enough rest destroys a person’s productiveness. Expending long hours on your job without getting any result is a red flag for which you should watch out. You need to rest.

3.  You aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

Inadequate sleep decreases productivity while increasing the chances of contracting chronic conditions like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

4.  You Get Mood Swings

Your mental health is essential in performing your daily duties. When you work more, you increase your chances of being depressed. You also disconnect from people around you and might be burdened by mood swings.

5.  Your Relationships are Suffering

Your relationship with your close friends and family is straining is a red flag of putting in much over time. The strain, weariness, and depression that you are facing might be extended to them as well.

6.  Your Body is Hurting

Putting in more hours implies that you are working more. Your body might not have the strength to support it, and you find yourself hurting more than usual. For men, the pain is usually found at the lower back, while women tend to have theirs in the neck region.

What Are The Health Consequences Of Working Too Much?

·        Increased Blood Pressure

When we are stressed, it is a normal occurrence for our blood pressure to rise. A high BP is not a good sign as it can lead to hypertension, one of the most dangerous conditions to have.

·        It Can Lead to Heart Damage

Increased blood pressure causes severe damage to the normal functioning of the heart. The stress we face is enough to induce a heart attack.

·        It also Interferes with Hormone Levels

Overwork also interferes with the body’s standard working methods. Women might notice a change in their menstrual cycles, while men can experience a decrease in their fertility levels.

·        It Damages a Person’s Physical Health

You begin to feel more pain in the back and neck regions. You are also more likely to have posture problems and eye damage from looking at your screen for too long. For a work that involves working with machines, accidents are bound to occur, especially if you are overworked and overstressed.

·        It Can Lead to Sleep Deprivation and a Shaky Mental Balance

When you overwork, you lose sleep, which is terrible for your physical and mental health. You are also prone to mood swings and depressing feelings and thoughts.

·        Death

Yes, people die from overworking. When you do not learn to balance your work and rest time, you may eventually die.

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