How to Plan A Memorable After Death Moment

Planning a funeral or memorial service is a personal need. Many factors will influence your choices of funeral planning, such as personality, experiences in life, vision, and mission after you die, and many more. The following are the steps to set up funeral properly:

Choose Body Disposition First

funeral is a series of processes about honoring death until the final burial. It’s good to choose the final body disposition that you want early. There are several disposition methods, including Traditional Burial, Eco-Friendly Burial, Alkaline Hydrolysis, and also a cremation.

Flower or Donation

Usually people will send flowers to the funeral home as a sign of condolence. However, now a trend has begun to change condolences to charity money. Later the charity money will be given to those who need it. You can choose whether you want flowers or charity money.

Consider the Payment

The cost depends on the type of funeral you choose. There are several options regarding payment systems. you can do the payment with your savings, using insurance, through a credit card, or special account for death fund (you can get it at several financial institutions)

Tell Your Family and Your Loved Ones

The most important thing is to tell your family and your friends about your plans related to later death. This does not mean you show them a fear of death. This is one form of preparation. You can express it directly or via social media. Make sure you tell in detail what final disposition you chose, where you chose your final resting place, and what kind of ceremony you want.

Search for the Best Funeral Service

You have to research the service provider of funeral services. You must compare one and the other. Think about the facilities offered and the estimated costs of each service company. Funeral Academy is a funeral parlour Sydney. If you want to use the service from Funeral Academy, you can contact it through: