How to Find the Short Circuit in Electricity

You must be familiar with the electrical short circuit, right? This situation can occur due to negligence in the use of electricity sources that trigger sparks. This electrical short circuit can attack any buildings. The short circuit needs to be considered carefully, do not let your house in fire because of it

The electrical short circuit is a natural thing and can occur on a variety of scales (from small to large). From a theoretical point of view, the short circuit happened when there is a connection between a positive electric current and a negative electric current. When both of them meet directly, and without passing through an intermediary, it becomes a short circuit.

However, you also really need to know how to repair electrical short-circuit safely. Before knowing the steps, it’s good you know how to detect a short circuit.

The following are some steps to find the cause of the electrical short circuit, namely:

  • Cut off electricity. If there is a short circuit, the MCB will automatically cut off the electricity. After that, the MCB will fall and cause a complete or partially power outage.
  • Put everything off. If the MCB is in the off position, raise it to the on position. Still, if it turns out the position is back to the off position, this means there is an electrical shortage. Leave the MCB position, the switch in the off position. Then turn off all the equipment in the house.
  • Adjust the MCB position. If all equipment is dead, return the MCB position to on.
  • Turn on the lights. After turning on the MCB, all lights, sockets, and other equipment are then turned on one by one. If the MCB falls back again when you turn on all one by one, then there is an electrical short circuit.

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