Building Product Identity (Branding)

Starting a new corporation isn’t easy. The first thing first is how we build it is identity for the product or the corporation we want to start. Unique and distinctive identity of a product make it easier to be remember and acknowledge by people. Like how we choose the right colour, the specific shapes that resembling the product or the theme of the identity itself.

1. Branding

Branding, or the process of building identity of a product or corporation must always be oriented to the mission and vision that was planned before. This branding mustn’t depart from the mission and vision so that people will not misunderstand our product.

Besides, branding of a product or corporate must not by an act that has the chance to kill the product or the corporation itself. Such as branding with some weirds approach. Maybe it can draw many people attention. But it must be with a good or better quality of product sold so that those weirds approach will not killing the product.

Ask for opinions from others will help to make a good product that worthy to be sold in market. The product that worthy may have a good chance to develop into a bigger one. And it is the one thing must be noted. And not only worthy, but how the product will make a good profit so it is not only survive in the market but it will be developing.

2. Make a Good Name and Professional Logo

If the product worth enough to be sold in the market, the next thing is how to choose the suitable name for it. Unique, easy to remember and easy to be distinguished from other product is heavily helping the product in the market and to be acknowledged by many. But the name itself isn’t enough. Many people will easily remember things by watching illustration, and that is a logo. Making a logo must be relevant to the product’s name. also it’s mission and vision. The logo must be professionally step forward to resemble it’s name and also it’s mission and vision.

3. Displaying the Product’s Identity in Public

After having a good name and logo. It is how to display them in a public that’s matter. It must be as worthy as it is. And leave a good impression in public. It is important for a corporation to spending less but having profit more. Such as signs brisbane to display the product signage in tront of our shop. Or make a shopfront signage that uniquely resemble our product or corporate. The thing is must be worth in display with the minimum cost.