5 Popular Naked Bikes

Motorbikes are still the most popular means of transportation for riders. Using a motorcycle makes travel easier to avoid traffic jams.

Of the various types of motorcycles on the market, a naked bike is one of the preferred models. Because, besides being comfortable to be used for touring, this type of vehicle is also suitable to support daily activities, such as working.

Well, for those of you who are confused about making a choice, here are the naked bike recommendations you can choose:

1. Moto-Guzzi V7 Rough

Moto Guzzi is one of the manufacturers that manufacture naked bike types. They offer this type of motorcycle enthusiasts. When on the streets, MOTO-GUZZI V7 ROUGH is very easy to recognize. Because this naked bike comes with a stylish front-end.

Comes with a weight of 189 kg, the MOTO-GUZZI V7 ROUGH is equipped with a 744 cc engine. With that engine, this naked bike is capable of producing 6200 rpm of power. Meanwhile, a torque of 60 Nm can be produced at 4,900 rpm.

In addition, Motto Guzzi features stylish headlamps and a suitable frame that makes it comfortable to drive. If you want to buy this motorcycle, Wheels Motorcycles provide Moto Guzzi for sale for £ 8,599.

2. Kawasaki Z650

Kawasaki’s name became a manufacturer from the State of Sakura, which is better known for producing sportbikes. One of them is like the Kawasaki Z650 variant that you can consider for your activities.

The Kawasaki Z650 has a twin DOHC 649 cc parallel engine. The engine is capable of producing 69 tk of power at 8,000 rpm.

Comes with a six transmission, this Kawasaki series has a steel frame weighing 37 lbs lighter than the usual Kawasaki motorsport. The weight reduction certainly makes the performance of the Kawasaki Z650 better and more aggressive on the streets.

3. Ducati Monster 1200

Ducati is not a foreign name in the motorcycle world, especially for those who love European motorsport. In 2013, Ducati released the most extensive Monster series nicknamed the Ducati Monster 1200. Naked motorbike equipped with a 1,200 cc Testastretta V-Twin engine.

Such a large engine offers maximum power of up to 147 hp and torque of around 123 Nm. The power of the engine makes for a pleasant driving experience while attracting attention.

4. Suzuki GSX-S1000

The presence of Suzuki products certainly cannot be underestimated. For this type of naked bike, the Suzuki GSX-S1000 offers speed and stability.

Equipped with a 1000 cc engine, this naked bike variant type motorcycle is capable of producing power up to 150 hp.

The power offered by the Suzuki GSX-S1000 is combined with the Slipper Clutch feature. This feature will make low gearshift smoother. Also, this feature guarantees that the rear wheels will not lock when maneuvering.

5. BMW S1000R

BMW S1000R is perfect for you who are looking for a premium motorcycle. Naked bike designed for riders who like speed and stability.

The BMW S1000R offer 999 cc engine, which can produce a maximum power of 165 hp. And maximum torque is 114 Nm at 9,250 rpm. Interestingly, the machine that was implanted in the BWW S1000R had pocketed a certificate passing the EURO 4 emission test.